Limited Time!     Argus for Windows    $7

The right tool, right now!

See the contents of your Photoshop presets without opening them!

Preset Viewer Argus changes the way your Photoshop presets are displayed allowing you to see thumbnails of what is inisde the preset. No other program on the market does this.

You have the right brush, you know it. But, you can't remember which file it's in.

Time to search. Load a preset, look it over. Nope! Next. Nope, not there either.

You think to yourself, "OMG! How many terrabytes of these files do I have?"

You throw your hands up in disgust. There's got to be a better way!

Meet Preset Viewer Argus by TumaSoft.

With Argus, you'll never hunt for the right file again!

Simply install Argus and enable thumbnails in Windows to see what's in the file AND with the preview pane active see your files in all their glory without opening or installing them.

And the best part is, it just works!! There is nothing to run. Once installed, Argus automatically displays thumbnails whenever and wherever you use them. Let Argus fill the preview pane with thumbnail goodness, saving you oodles of time and frustration. Stop searching. Spend your time doing what you love.

Argus is compatible with Windows 7 through Windows 10!

Limited Time!     Argus for Windows    $7


brushes icon Brushes

View inside brush files like never before. Did you know that the more presets you have loaded in Photoshop, the slower it is to load? Each file has to be loaded into your computer's memory before the program opens. Argus allows you to see thumbnails of each brush in the file right in your Windows. No need to load and unload files to find what you are looking for!

effects icon Layer Styles

Have you ever noticed that layer styles are never quite what they seem? Argus does a much more accurate job in rendering thumbnails for layer styles than even Photoshop!

custom shapes icon Shapes

Believe it or not, the idea for the Preset Viewer family started with the hunt for a custom shape. With Argus, you'll never have to wonder where that shape is hiding again!

more features icon And more!

Argus displays thumbnails for:

  • brushes (abr)
  • layer styles (asl)
  • custom shapes (sch)
  • patterns (pat)
  • gradients (grd)
  • contours (shc)
  • documents (psd)
  • swatches (aco, ase, act, acb, ado)
Compatible with Windows 7-10!

Argus is SO transparent, you have to see it to believe it!

Limited Time!     Argus for Windows    $7